Pre-Owned Instruments


Martin D-35
Price: $2875.00

This Martin is from 1987 and is in beautiful condition. The back is a three-piece construction from solid East Indian rosewood, and the top is made from solid sitka spruce. These instruments are very popular for folk and bluegrass music, and make an excellent addition to the collection of an intermediate to expert guitar player. The saddle and nut are both made of bone, and the fingerboard is ebony. Come down to the store and check this beauty out for yourself.

*Comes with Hardshell Case
*On Consignment


1964 Gibson C-1-Classic
Price: $700.00

This vintage classical guitar was made in the USA in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It features a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides. It is a beautiful old guitar in great condition. This guitar comes with the original Gibson hardshell case. 

      *Includes Orginal Hardshell case
      *On Consignment



Takamine EC-132C
Price: $600.00

A very nice playing, great sounding nylon string guitar by Takamine. The built in electronics give you to option to play acoustic or through an amplifier, increasing your stylistic range on this wonderful instrument. The guitar is used, but remains in very good condition.

 *Includes Hardshell Case


Harmony Patrician
Price : $500

This is a cool old hollowbody archtop Harmony guitar circa 1950's. There is very little damage to this instrument and it is overall in pretty good shape. It is fun to play, and all of the decals and designs are still intact. If you are in the mood for a little nostalgia, come by and check it out.

*includes hardshell case
*On Consignment



Strad-o-lin Mandolin A-style
Price: $350.00

This vintage Stradolin (Strad-o-lin) mandolin is in good shape. It is difficult to determine the age of these instruments because there is not usually a date recorded in the mandolin. The approximate age of this mandolin may be in the 1950's.

It has the original pick guard which is in good shape
The tailpiece is not damaged

There are minor dings on the body as seen in the photos, and there is a crack on the back of the instrument near the bottom.

      *On consignment


Michael Kelly Dragonfly Mandolin
Price: $395.00

This is a beautiful mandolin with a great sound. There is a lovely dragonfly inlay on the fretboard and the F scroll is really well done. This mandolin was only very gently used and is still in excellent condition. There are no noteworthy dings or scratches on the finish.

*Comes with hardshell case


Lakland Skyline Series Bass
Price: $900

This is a really neat instrument. Everything from the seafoam finish to the sleek neck design makes this bass play, look, and feel amazing. This bass is only very gently used and there aren't any notable dings or problems with the electronics.You have to play it to understand why this bass is worth every penny of the asking price, and you are welcome to come to the store and do just that.

*On Consignment


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