Instrument Repair

Repair Department

The Buffalo Creek Guitar repair department can handle anything from simple string changes to neck re-sets. The in-house crew handles most of the work (string changes, set-ups, fret leveling, crowning and polishing, and crack repairs), while the bigger jobs (neck re-sets, fret replacements, and finish work) go to Luthier, David Houchens, of Bryce Instruments.


  -Standard Instruments: $15 (plus cost of strings)
  -12 String and non-ball end nylon string: $20 (plus cost of strings)
  -Floyd Rose systems: $20 (plus cost of strings)

  -Includes all adjustments of nut, saddle, and truss rod; intonation; clean fret board; polish frets; check electronics; re-string (string cost not included). 6 String: $45
  -12 String: $50
  -Floyd Rose Systems: $65

Nuts and Saddles
  -Custom bone intonated saddle: $30
  -Custom bone long saddle: $45
  -Custom bone nut: 6 string $40 / 12 string $55
  -Standard synthetic nuts and saddles: $15
  -Fill and reroute saddle slot: $50

Bridge Work
  -Remove and re-glue: $50
  -Bridge plate removal and replacement: $250
  -New custom made bridge: varies with material, size, etc

Neck Reset
  -Dove tail joints: $300 - $500
  -All necks resets are appraised on condition of guitar and difficulty of job.

  -Unbound fret board: $150
  -Bound Fret board: $175
  -Maple fret board: $220

Fret Dressing
  -Level, re-crown, polish: $45

Crack Repair
  -$12 per inch

Pick Guard Replacement
  -Standard acoustic: $30
  -Standard electric: $20

Pickup Installation
  -Basic pickup’s: $35
  -Acoustic under-saddle type requiring re- routing: $50

All repair work prices are subject to change, depending on the instrument and its condition.

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