BCG Pictures

Just a few pictures of our friends from Buffalo Creek!

At one of our Open Mic performances - Sean Kemmil

Martha Bassett was kind enough to put on a Saturday performance.

David Houchens - Bryce Instruments

Herald Powers playing his new Gallagher guitar.

Davey Clark- Celtic Singer performing at an Open Mic night.

Tony Williamson playing his 1923 Lloyd Loar Mandolin.

Gary's Guitar signed by Willie Nelson.

Banjo being played at our Bluegrass Jams.

Coley Falture at one of our Bluegrass Jams.

Eric "the Red" at Open Mic.

Bluegrass Jam

Jay Kaczar performing with Rhonda Vincent and Mickey Heart in North Carolina.

Billy Mckay at our Bluegrass Jam.

The late Rick Darrnell - who wrote "The thrill is gone"
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